Permian Promise
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The Permian Promise is a Texas Transportation Commission sponsored program that was developed in the 2020 Unified Transportation Program by committing $600 million of strategic priority funding to help address the transportation needs throughout the Permian Basin. This promise is part of a partnership with local stakeholders, including oil and gas companies, who are tackling other infrastructure enhancements such as broadband access, health services, affordable housing and quality education.  The Permian Basin is a top five producer in the world in oil and natural gas, representing four percent of global oil production and 39 percent of US oil production. More importantly, the Permian Basin is vital for the Texas economy, supporting more than 200,000 jobs while generating over 10.8 percent of Texas’ Gross Domestic Product.

As this energy sector continues to grow, so too does the amount of traffic on the roadways causing congestion, crashes and fatalities. The goal of the Permian Promise is to identify roadway enhancements that reduce congestion and fatal crashes by improving existing corridors and identifying corridors in need of possible expansion. TxDOT is committed to improving roads and highways by expanding capacity and adding safety features for residential and commercial traffic.

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