LBJ-635 Express - request for proposals (RFP)
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LBJ-635 Express - request for proposals (RFP)

Authorizations and approvals

The Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) authorized the issuance of a request for proposals on October 26, 2006 in Minute Order 110725.

Proposer documents

Shortlisted proposers submitted detailed proposals in January 2009. Their documentation included the following:
Proposer Name Proposer Document
LBJ Development Partners
LBJ Mobility Group

RFP documents

On September 18, 2007, TxDOT issued the original request for proposal documents to two short-listed proposers after two proposers withdrew. TxDOT issued 13 addenda and these documents issued to the proposers are available below. In addition, the Q&A Matrices released for the RFQ process is also available on this page below.