100% PS&E Pre-Submittal Preparation
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Updated guidance and requirements for 100% PS&E Submittal to Design Division. PS&E documents are shared with other divisions, as well as with FHWA, to ensure compliance with department policies and procedures. Please contact DES-FPP staff if you have any questions.


Project Submittal Checklist

Please fill out and submit with the supporting documents referenced below. Use the text box at the bottom of the form to explain the status of any submittal items that are incomplete or that require attention from DES-FPP staff.


PS&E Review  SOP

Electronic Plan Set Guidance

ePS&E Helper manual and related tools to assist with the development of an electronic plan set and PDF portfolio for 100% PS&E Submittal.


Form 1002: PS&E Transmittal Data, link to eForms website – search for "1002" - TxDOT Intranet Only


Engineer's Estimate – Bid Items, Quantities, Prices, and Force Accounts needed for each CSJ in a project

  • Review and ensure bid items and quantities match between the plan set and TxDOT Connect
  • TxDOTCONNECT Training Docs - Page includes "TXDOTCONNECT Reference Guide - Engineer's Estimate" and "Adding Bid Items to the Engineer's Estimate Job Aid


Speclist – Governing Specifications and Special Provisions


General Notes

Each district is responsible for maintaining a Master General Notes file.  The following are requirements for General Notes for all construction contracts:

Project-specific general notes, to be included as-needed:

  • Concrete Bridge Elements, Item 5:  General Note for Item 5 to be included when pre-cast bridge element bid items are included under items 420, 422, or 425  

  • Mitigation of Hazardous Materials (lead, asbestos), Item 6:  Policy Memo, April 2018
    • Sample Request Memo to ADM
    • General Notes for Item 6 Example
    • Also requires SP 006-013
    • See SS 5026 Asbestos Abatement - one-time use example
    • See SS 5115 Lead Paint Abatement - one time use example
    • Requests to include mitigation of hazardous materials in a state-let construction contract requires approval routed through the DES Project Development Support Section.
    • SP 006-012:  if the state has a separate contract for removing hazardous materials prior to or during a related construction project, include SP 006-012 instead of 006-013, and the above approval process is not needed. The approval is only needed if the construction contractor is responsible for removing hazardous materials.
  • Delay Start Provisions, Item 8: For projects including a delay-start special provision to Item 8, identify the length of the delay start and the reason for the delay start.

  • A+B Bidding Projects, Item 2 & Item 8: A+B Bidding Guidance *Also requires SP 008-006 

  • Milestones, Item 8: Example of General Notes for Milestones, also includes delay-start example, APSLD example, and Lane Closure Assessment Fees example  

  • Lane Closure Assessment Fees, Item 8: Include Lane Closure table, and add SP 008-045

  • Truck-Mounted Attenuators (TMA), Item 6185: General Notes for Item 6185 Memo, January 2018


Engineer's PE/Registered Landscape Architect Seal – Required seal for the estimate, speclist, and general notes

  • The PDF file for the Engineer's PE/Registered Lanscape Architect Seal is no longer a required submittal document, except for projects with more than one PE/RLA Seal

  • All projects must still be sealed in TxDOT Connect

  • For projects requiring multiple PE/RLA seals:

    • PDF template that can be digitally signed with image of seal and signature

    • Seal can also be generated via TxDOTCONNECT > Reporting screen > "Engineer's Seal Report"

    • Projects with multiple PE's/RLA's will require a Seal page for each PE/RLA


Certifications for Utilities, Right-of-Way (ROW), and Railroads – to document status of any conflicts that will exist within the project limits after letting. Must be signed by the district engineer or a delegate. A Triple-Zero - 000 - Special Provision is required for all conflicts that will not clear prior to proposal release and advertising. TxDOTCONNECT Job Aid for Managing Specifications Requests - includes 000 spec requests - TxDOT Intranet Only


Contract Time Determination Schedule – a logical critical-path method schedule including all construction activities in the project.


Form 2229: Significant Project Procedures, link to eForms website - search for “2229.”  DES provides a copy of Form 2229 to FHWA - TxDOT Intranet Only

Other Documentation

Form 2699: Determination of Additional Project-Specific Liquidated Damages


Form 2502Value Engineering (VE) Study Executive Decision Summary, link to eForms website - use Internet Explorer - search for "2502" - TxDOT Intranet Only

  • Value Engineering studies are recommended for projects on the National Highway System (NHS) with an estimated total project cost - preliminary engineering, right-of-way, utilities, and construction - of $50 million or more, as well as $40 million or more for projects with bridge elements.  DES provides a copy of Form 2502 to FHWA.

  • Signed and Approved VE Study Form 2502's should be sent to VE_STUDY@txdot.gov. Also email the completed and signed Form 1002.


Design Exceptions and Design Waivers – Design Exceptions and Waivers on Interstate Highway mainlanes are submitted to FHWA.






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