100% PS&E submittal to Design Division
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100% PS&E submittal to Design Division

The following information explains how to submit all of the PS&E project documents to Design Division:

Contract Proposal - ​How to Build a Proposal with the CMCS B13 Program

  • Building a proposal in Miramo should be one of the last steps prior to PS&E Submittal to DES.
  • Projects should be completely sealed in Connect prior to building a proposal.
  • We recommend running a ROSCOE speclist and estimate report to review for errors and omissions prior to building a proposal - How to Create reports of estimates and speclists in ROSCOE
  • General Notes 8.5x11 file must be copied to the appropriate directory in Miramo prior to building a proposal - \\txdot4avbpsetc\miramo\LIBRARY\NOTES\
  • The proposal does not need to be submitted to DES. DES-FPP staff have access to all directories in Miramo and can review the latest proposals.

Supporting Documents for 100% PS&E Submittal - Files to be submitted to DES as a Portfolio or file

  • Project submittal checklist
  • Form 1002
  • Engineer's estimate
  • Speclist
  • General notes
  • Certifications for utilities, right of way (ROW), and railroads
  • Contract time determination schedule
  • Form 2229

As needed:

  • Form 2699, Additional Project-Specific Liquidated Damages (APSLD)
  • Form 2502, for VE studies
  • Design Exceptions and Design Waivers documentation and approval
  • Engineer's PE/Registered Landscape Architect Seal pages (for projects with multiple PE/RLA Seals)

ePS&E submittal instructions - An excerpt from the ePS&E Helper manual

  • Explains how to create portfolios (or files) for the plan set and supporting documents.
  • Also explains how to use Box and ProjectWise to upload files and create links to download.
  • Email all Box and ProjectWise download links to DES_FPP_ePS&E@txdot.gov.

Multi-volume plan set submittal guidance - Title sheets, index, general notes, estimate and quantity, and sheet numbering.

Guidance for submitting projects that were developed and originally intended to let separately but are now letting together.

Other Useful Files and Links