Local Government Standard Specifications and Special Provisions
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Local government projects with state/federal funds or located on the state highway system must adopt the latest TxDOT Standard Specifications, Special Specifications and Special Provisions or request TxDOT written approval of alternate, equivalent specifications.


The templates below are intended for use with items 1-9 in the TxDOT’s Standard Specifications and Special Provisions on local government let projects that are on the state highway system or include reimbursement using FHWA or TxDOT funds.

2022 Update to the 2014 Standard Specifications

Items 1L-9L and many of the Special Provisions listed below are updated. Use the updated files (footer date of 04/2022) for projects letting on or after Sept. 1, 2022. The files can also be used on projects let before September, at the discretion of the district.

Item Description Format
1L Abbreviations and Definitions *UPDATED*
2L Instructions to Bidders *UPDATED*
3L Award and Execution of Contract *UPDATED*
4L Scope of Work *UPDATED*
5L Control of the Work *UPDATED*
6L Control of Materials *UPDATED*
7L Legal Relations and Responsibilities *UPDATED*
8L Prosecution and Progress *UPDATED*
9L Measurement and Payment *UPDATED*
Special Provisions: Federal-Aid Construction Contracts
FHWA-1273 Required Contract Provisions
  Wage Rates
SP 000-002L Nondiscrimination *UPDATED*
SP 000-003L Certification of Nondiscrimination in Employment *UPDATED*
SP 000-004L Notice of Requirement for Affirmative Action to Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity *UPDATED*
SP 000-005L Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Contract *UPDATED*
SP 000-241L Cargo Preference Act Requirements in Federal Aid Contracts *NEW*
SP 000-394L Disadvantaged Business Enterprise in Federal-Aid Contracts *UPDATED*
SP 000-658L Schedule of Liquidated Damages *REPLACES SP 000-001L*
SP 002-009L Instructions to Bidders *REPLACES SP 002-011L*
SP 007-011L Legal Relations and Responsibilities *REPLACES SP 007-001L*
SP 009-011L Measurement and Payment *NEW*
Special Provisions: State Construction Contracts
  Wage Rates
SP 000-002L Nondiscrimination *UPDATED*
SP 000-008L Special Labor Provisions for State Projects *UPDATED*
SP 000-009L Small Business Enterprise in State Funded Construction *UPDATED*
SP 000-658L Schedule of Liquidated Damages *REPLACES SP 000-001L*
Special Provisions: Bid Items
SP 506-001L Temporary Erosion, Sedimentation, and Environmental Controls *UPDATED*

Original Versions of 2014 Standard Specifications




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