Pipe design and durability
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Pipe design and durability

TxDOT pipe information

Bridge standards
Material requirements
Hydraulic Design Manual

Additional design information

  • Bridge vs. culvert Choose structure type based on: construction/maintenance cost, risk of failure, risk of property damage, traffic safety, environmental and aesthetics, and construction expedience
  • Selection of culvert Choose the type of culvert based on roadway profile, channel characteristics, flood damage evaluation, construction/maintenance cost, and service life estimates
  • Commonly used culvert shapes Circular, pipe-arch, elliptical, box, modified box, arch
  • Selection of material Choose type of material based on required structure strength, required hydraulic efficiency, installation, availability of material, durability, and cost
  • Inlets and end treatments Give consideration to projecting culvert barrel, cast-in-place concrete headwalls, pre-cast end sections and mitered culvert ends

Standard Specifications for Construction and Maintenance of Highways, Streets, and Bridges

  • Item 460 - Corrugated metal pipe
  • Item 462 - Concrete box culverts and drains
  • Item 464 - Reinforced concrete pipe
  • Item 481 - Pipes for drains
  • Item 556 - Pipe underdrains
Material Producer List for Reinforced Concrete Pipe and Machine-Made Precast Box Culvert Fabrication Plants

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Service life of culverts


NCHRP 474: Service life of culverts: studies corrosion of common types of pipes and their causation and prevention

  • Most common culverts: concrete pipes, corrugated galvanized steel, thermoplastic pipe, galvanized structural plates
  • Factors that influence corrosion in metal and concrete pipes: pH, chloride, resistivity, sulfates, abrasion enhances corrosion rate
  • How to stop corrosion: thicker walls, better materials, coatings, liners
  • Service life predictions: case studies, internal research results, default estimated service life values (holistically, categorized by local environment conditions)

Reinforced concrete pipes

American Concrete Pipe Association
American Concrete Pipe Association Fill-Height Tables
Concrete Pipe Design Manual
  • Provides design data and specifications
  • Provides concrete facts
Precast concrete pipe life cycle and durability
  • Reviews the significance of various physical and chemical factors, which determine the durability, design and performance of concrete pipe

Corrugated metal pipe and steel


National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association (NCSPA)

  • CSP LRFD HOC calculator
  • Corrugated Steel Pipe Design Manual
    • Applications of corrugated steel products
    • Design considerations
    • Rehabilitation
    • Maintenance
    • Durability guidelines
    • Service Life Section Guide and calculator
Durability Analysis of Aluminized Type 2 Corrugated Metal Pipe