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No. Title Format
49-1002 Metal Railing Worksheet DMS-7395
596 Concrete Batch Ticket
1062 Triaxial Test Data Sheet
1175 Field Density Data Card
1748 Worksheet for Test Method Tex-104-E, Determining Liquid Limit of Soils
1818 (D-9-USA-1) Material Statement
1907 Treated Timber Inspection Request
1908 Warehouse Material Inspection Request/Report of Shipment
1961 Resistivity of Soils Material
1962 Drainage Factor Test
1963 Triaxial Test Summary
1964 Triaxial Compression Test Capillary Wetting Data
1965 Asphalt Binder G*/SIN and Data Tabulation
2021 Reinforcing Steel Worksheet
2088 Surface Aggregate Selection Form (WWARP)
2148 Certification of Compliance (Treated Timber Products)
2174 Inspectors Batch Plant Checklist
2181 Worksheet for Dimensional Check for Metal Slump Cone (Without Base) and Tamping Rod
2192 Forensics Investigation Request
2227 Optimized Aggregate Gradation Worksheet
2273 Signing Material Statement
2388 Seal Coat Material Selection Table
2460 Soil Compactor Adjustment and Soil Compactor Analyzer Report (Tex-113-E/Tex-114-E)
2461 Grooving Tool
Galvanizing Worksheet
TxDOT Fabrication Notification
Steel Non-Bridge Member Worksheet DMS-7380
2684 Fabrication Notification DMS-7370
CST-M-2 Volumetric Sieve Analysis Worksheet
Power45 Power 45 Chart
PSTR SS-2 Structural Steel Worksheet
Tx2mixsolver Tx 2 Mixsolver
Tx2Performance Performance Testing Request Form
TxCC04 Plot Control Chart, Use in Conjunction with the 2004 QC/QA Template
TxCC14 Plot Control Chart, Use in Conjunction with the 2014 QC/QA Template
TxRandNum04 Instructions for Generating Random Numbers Using TxRandNum.XLSM (2004)
  Binder Grade Calculator

Recycled Materials

Date Title Format
07/07 CSTM NRM-1 - Contractor's Checklist
  CSTM NRM-2 - Contractor's Environmental Certification
  CSTM NRM-3 - Supplier's/Producer's Environmental Certification

More Information

Fabrication Notification DMS-7370


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