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July 2, 2020 Presenter YouTube PDF
Bridge Scour: Evaluation, Documentation, and Coding Presentation Trenton Ellis
Feb. 7, 2020 Presenter PDF
Mass Placement of Concrete Doug Beer
Dynamic Monitoring of Piles Ryan Evans
TIP Testing Drilled Shafts Edward Galbavy
Funding/Bridge Management Bernie Carrasco
Site Visit/Condition Survey Kevin Pruski
Design Aspects Mike Hyzak
Standards Update: You Speak, We Listen Taya Retterer
July 25, 2019 Presenter PDF
Accessing Bridge Data Jeffrey Cuevas
Precast Inlets and Manholes – An Overview Hayden Porter
Bridge Expansion Joints Kevin Pruski
Bridge Railing – MASH Updates Taya Retterer
Common Plan Errors and Selection of Type of Retaining Wall and Riprap Dina Dewane
Sept. 13, 2018 Presenter PDF
Design Guide, Design Manual, Corrosion Guidelines Jamie Farris
Pier Protection Taya Retterer
Phasing Considerations for Bridges Chris Miller
Seamless Bridges Mike Hyzak
Standard Operating Procedure for Post Tensioning Leon Flournoy
3-D Design Implementation Max Proctor
Safety Direction TxDOT is Taking Camille Thomason
Safety with Respect to Bridges Taya Retterer
March 6, 2018 Presenter PDF
Prestressed Beam Concrete Strengths Jason Tucker, P.E.
Inverted Tees Jon Boleware, P.E.
Bridge Deck Concrete Overlays Doug Beer, P.E.
Asphalt Overlays on Bridges Kevin Pruski, P.E.
Concrete Riprap vs. Stone Riprap John Delphia, P.E.
July 27, 2017 Presenter PDF
Updates to Project Development, Field Operations, Bridge Design, and Bridge Standards Mike O’Toole, Graham Bettis, Jamie Farris, Taya Retterer
Bridge Design Precertification Requirements and Known Issues Jamie Farris
Design Considerations for Steel Plate Girder Bridges Greg Turco
Erection Plans – UT Bridge / UT Lift Kevin Pruski
Demolition Plans Aaron Garza
Hazardous Materials Kevin Pruski
Painting Practices – Preferred Practices Johnnie Miller
Scour: Design and Riprap John Delphia
July 16, 2014 Presenter Format
Bridge Protective Beam Wrap Amy Smith, P.E.
Culvert Widenings Michael Hyzak, P.E.
Detailing Changes John Holt, P.E.
Pile Driving Best Practice Sean Yoon, P.E.
Contemporary PS&E Review Agata La Rue, Ph.D., P.E.
Routine Inspection Findings and Scour Criticality John Delphia, P.E.
July 18, 2013 Presenter Format
Rapid Response to Bridge Impacts Leon Flournoy, P.E.
Designing Bridges for Vehicular Collisions Nick Nemec, P.E.
How to use the C-Rail-R Guide Drawing Amy Smith, P.E.
Facing Options for Soil Nail Walls John Delphia, P.E.
Update to Railroad Project Development Guide Sher Neely & Darin Kosmak
Feb. 27, 2013 Presenter Format
Surface Finishes for Concrete Tom Schwerdt
Revisions to Design Policy and Practices John Holt, P.E.
Information Sheet for Bridge Railing Upgrades, Retrofits, & Repairs Thomas Stout, P.E.
Use of Bridge Division Consultant Contracts Jeff Tomkins, P.E.
MSE Retaining Wall Standards Marcus Galvan, P.E.
Structural Spec Changes 2014 Specifications: Info for Bridge Designers Brian Merrill, P.E.
July 30, 2012 Presenter Format
Accommodating for ROW on Bridge Projects Tommy Abrego, E.I.T.
Phased Construction Recommendations for Bridges Taya Retterer, P.E.
Demystifying Bridge 4(f) Summer Chandler
Proper Design and Implementation of Concrete Repairs Graham Bettis, P.E.
A Commemoration of Robert L. "Bob" Reed, P.E. Charles Walker, P.E.
Feb. 15, 2012 Presenter Format
Post-Tensioning Issues Brian Merrill, P.E.
Table SRS: A New CAP 18 Feature Amy Eskridge, P.E.
Lean-On Bracing Design and Construction Michelle Romage-Chambers, P.E.
PGSuper TOGA Taya Retterer, P.E.
The "Precast Concrete Bent Cap Option" Standards Courtney Holle, P.E.
June 28, 2011 Presenter Format
Spread Box and Slab Beams John Holt, P.E.
HBP Programming Issues Michael O'Toole, P.E.
Sam White Lane Bridge Move, Salt Lake City, UT Jamie Farris, P.E.
PGSuper Design Example: Non-standard Strand Pattern Victoria McCammon, P.E.
Harbor Bridge Rehabilitation Leon Flournoy, P.E.
What's On the BRG Internet Webpage? Alanna Bettis, P.E.
Feb. 25, 2011 Presenter Format
Opening Remarks Amy Eskridge, P.E.
Remediation of Bridge Scour using Jet Grouting Sean Yoon, P.E.
Fatigue Repair of the I-345 Bridges Yuan Zhao, P.E.
Using Precast Panels at Ends of Spans Jamie Griffin, P.E.
Corrosion Protection Measures for Bridges Lloyd Wolf, P.E.
Accessing Bridge Information through PonTex Alan Kowalik, P.E.
Use of PGSuper by TxDOT Taya Retterer, P.E.
Aug. 20, 2010 Presenter Format
Opening Remarks: Does This Count Toward PDHs? Amy Eskridge, P.E
Excavations for Multi-Shaft Footings Marcus Galvan, P.E.
Actions to Address Bridges with Unknown Foundations for Scour John Delphia, P.E.
Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Heather Gilmer, P.E.
Lateral Vibration of a TxDOT Pedestrian Bridge (Video) Dean Van Landuyt, P.E.
Specification Changes and Their Effect on Plan Details Brian Merrill P.E.
PonTex Update Tom Yarbrough P.E.
P6 for Bridge Projects Michelle Veale, P.E.

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