Crash data analysis and statistics
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Crash data analysis and statistics

As per Texas Transportation Code Chapter 550, TxDOT is responsible for the collection and analysis of crash data submitted by Texas law enforcement officers on the Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report form. TxDOT maintains a statewide, automated database for reportable motor vehicle traffic crashes received by TxDOT.

Annual summary reports

Summary reports of Texas Crash data are published annually. The previous 10 years of data is published by June of the following year. Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics reports are available for download. Statistics contained in these reports are generated from data provided by TxDOT's Crash Records Information System (CRIS).

CRIS Query tool

Users may also obtain publicly available crash data through TxDOT’s CRIS Query tool. This application allows public users to query, extract and/or analyze publicly available crash data.

To perform a query or to obtain more information on the CRIS Query function, visit the links below:

Crash data visualizations

Crash data visualizations available through dashboards and the Traffic Safety Data Portal draw data from the Crash Records Information System (CRIS) and provide advanced and vital analysis of key emphasis areas to support TxDOT's education campaigns, engineering counter measures, and other efforts to reduce crashes, fatalities, and injuries on Texas roadways.

Obtaining crash data

Specific, publicly available crash data may be requested by completing and submitting the online request form.

Automated crash data extract files

In cases where users want large amounts of crash data and their requests cannot be fulfilled through a Crash Data Request or through the Query tool, TxDOT offers an automated process for users to obtain crash data directly from CRIS in the form of comma separated value (CSV) extract files. The process to obtain the file allows users to make requests at their convenience after an easy, one-time, self-registration process.

The file includes crash data collected in TxDOT's Crash Records Information System (CRIS) from the Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report (form CR-3) for the previous 10 years, plus the current year (January 1, 2014 to present). There are two file types available.

  • The standard extract provides crash data for crashes occurring on the state highway system. This file includes personally identifiable information and is only available to certain governmental agencies in accordance with Texas law.
  • The public extract includes all publicly available crash data. All personally identifiable information has been excluded from this file and the file is available to the public upon request.

The CRIS Automated Interface Guide provides instructions on how to register and receive the extract files. The extract specification files below contain all of the data in fields that are included in each type of extract file along with their codes and effective beginning and end dates.

Extract files

For additional information (not to submit a request), please email us or contact the CRIS Help Desk at 844-CRIS-HLP (844-274-7457).