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Crash Reporting and Analysis for Safer Highways system (CRASH) is a free, secure Internet application for law enforcement agencies to process Texas Peace Officer's Crash Reports (CR-3) electronically. It is a component of the Crash Records Information System (CRIS).

The CRASH system includes the following features:

  • Ability to enter crash data over any Internet connection.
  • Process supplement reports easily.
  • Integrated diagramming tool.
  • Auto population of fields.
  • Touch-screen capability for Toughbooks.
  • Use of intersection templates.
  • Embedded help.


CRASH training will be scheduled as part of the set-up process for each agency.

If your agency has already received training, but would like to receive additional training, please email the CRIS Help Desk or call 844-CRIS-HLP (844-274-7457).

Agency enrollment

The steps for an agency's enrollment are as follows:

  1. Agency contacts TxDOT regarding CRASH.
  2. Agencies must complete and return a CRASH training checklist to become an active internal identity provider (IdP). The IDP allows agencies to remotely access a TxDOT server dedicated to their specific agency after proper authentication. This eliminates the agency’s need to provide server space and/or full time IT support.
  3. Once the CRASH training checklist  has completed the TxDOT internal review, the agency will be contacted to schedule training.
  4. CRASH/Configure agency training is completed and the agency will be able to start utilizing CRASH immediately.
    • Configure training – refers to the initial setup of the agency. This usually involves IT and administrative management for the agency.
    • CRASH training – refers to the training of all anticipated users to familiarize them with the functions of the CRASH system as well as how to utilize the system with hands-on completion of practical exercises.

More information

Contact us

TxDOT Traffic Safety Division
CRIS Help Desk
Phone: 844-CRIS-HLP (844-274-7457)