Current SIB borrowers
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Current SIB borrowers

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Loan agreement compliance

Expenditure report

Borrowers that are using SIB funds to complete their own project (no AFA involved) must submit an expenditure report annually to TxDOT.

Generally, the expenditure report should include:

  • Breakdown of what the funds have been spent on and what entity has received the funds.
  • Copies of checks or other proof of payment and invoices for each expenditure.
  • Amount spent in the current calendar year.
  • Amount spent to date.
  • Amount remaining.
  • Substantial completion date or estimated substantial completion date of the project.

Funds not used on the project must be returned to TxDOT.

Annual Budget and Audit

Most Borrowers are required to provide an annual audit or budget to TxDOT per the loan agreement.

If the budget and/or audit is posted online, please provide the SIB team with a link to the page where the documents can be found.

Audit confirmations

Borrowers can have their auditors submit audit confirmations to the SIB e-mail box at the top of this page or mail them to TxDOT at:

Texas Department of Transportation
Attn: Project Finance, Debt and Strategic Contracts Division
SIB Administration
125 E. 11th St.
Austin, TX 78701-2483


Current borrowers have the opportunity to refinance their SIB loan via an interest rate amendment to their loan agreement once during the loan term. Documents related to refinancing can be found below: