Intercity bus
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Intercity bus

All urban areas in Texas have intercity bus service (ICB), and many points are served in more remote areas. There are approximately 271 stops in Texas.

Eligible transit providers

Intercity service is provided for the general public and connects urban areas through fixed routes. Greyhound and Trailways are the most commonly known companies that provide this service.


The Rural program (49 USC, Section 5311) has 15 percent of its budget allocated to fund ICB, which is designed to strengthen the connection between rural areas and the larger regional or national intercity bus system. ICB also supports the system's infrastructure through planning, marketing assistance and capital investment in facilities and vehicles.

ICB has previously funded projects such as the construction and rehabilitation of intermodal terminals and the upgrade of facilities to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).