Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Services
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Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Services

The TxDOT Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Program oversees both operations and compliance. Any flight conducted on a TxDOT project must comply with the listed policies and manuals and submit a flight plan. 

Submit the Flight Plan Webform.

Before you Fly:

Key Points: 

  • Remote Pilot in command (RPIC) must be licensed and current under FAA Part 107. 
  • Flight conforms with FAA Part 107 regulations. 
  • RPIC must have a visual observer (VO). 
  • Aircraft must be registered with the FAA and Remote ID Compliant. 
  • Flight must comply with TxDOT UAS User Manual. 
  • Flight will not utilize prohibited technology (DJI Aircraft).

Questions about the TxDOT UAS Program?

          Email us at TxDOT-UASCoord@txdot.gov

Questions about a planned or submitted flight plan?

          Email us at TxDOT-UASFlightPlan@txdot.gov.