Aircraft travel for official state business
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Aircraft travel for official state business

TxDOT's Flight Services provides low-cost travel to state officials, employees or sponsored contractors traveling on official state business. The Aviation Division operates and maintains the fleet, which is based at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Why use Flight Services?

  • Efficiency - direct flights to all destinations within the state; no layovers or connecting flights.
  • Flexible schedule - arrival and departure times are tailored to your schedule.
  • Convenient travel - free on-site parking. No lengthy check-in; direct access to plane.
  • Contingency response - as required.

Scheduling information

  • Aircraft are assigned based on need and availability.
  • The requesting agency is responsible for determining if the flight is cost-effective and meets state statutes for the use of state aircraft. Agencies are billed throughout the month.
  • Prior to the flight, the administrative head of the requesting agency, or their designee, must certify that the employee's transportation on state-owned aircraft complies with all applicable state laws, regulations, and rules.
  • Prior to the flight, each passenger will be presented, and must sign, an affidavit stating that the person is traveling on official state business. On filing the affidavit, the person will be authorized to use state-owned aircraft for a period of one year. A member of the legislature is not required to receive any other additional authorization to use state-owned aircraft.

Physical address

TxDOT Flight Services
10335 Golf Course Road
Austin, TX 78719

Ready to fly? Request a quote from Flight Services or call 512-936-8900.