2012 statewide news
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2012 statewide news

Title Date
TxDOT, DPS Warn Drivers to Slow Down, Pay Attention Through Work Zones as Crashes Increase on I-35 Across Texas 12/17/12
Work Zones Safety - Holiday Driving 12/14/12
Austin-Area Toll Roads Move to Electronic Payment/Billing Only, Saving Texans Time and Money 12/14/12
Developer Chosen for I-35E Project 12/13/12
Give the Gift That Keeps One Living 12/03/12
TxDOT Reduces Toll Road Debt 12/03/12
Dallas Student Drives Away in Free Hybrid Vehicle 11/30/12
TxDOT Sets in Motion Much-Anticipated Dallas Horseshoe Project 11/15/12
TxDOT Offers Thanksgiving Travel Tips to Stay Safe 11/14/12
Texas Transportation Commission to Meet in Arlington Tomorrow 11/14/12
TxDOT Launches Natural Gas Pilot Fleet Program 11/14/12
Texans Asked to Step Up Safety as Texas Marks 12 Years of Daily Fatalities on Roadways 11/07/12
TxDOT's CTTS Bond Ratings Raised to A- from BBB+ 10/26/12
SH 130 Extension Opens 10/24/12
Energy Sector Task Force to Meet in Amarillo 10/18/12
State Launches Passenger Rail Study 10/15/12
Coming Soon to a Highway Near You - "Left Lane for Passing Only" Signs 10/12/12
TxDOT Negotiates Construction Agreement 10/10/12
New TxDOT Website Makes Experience Easier and More Web Friendly 10/08/12
TxDOT Makes History with Safest Year on Record 10/25/12
State Selects Developer for Beltway Expansion in Houston, Setting Momentum for Traffic Relief for Drivers 09/27/12
Texans to Spend Less Time on US 290 around Houston as Key Construction Completion Dates Move Up 09/26/12
TxDOT to Award Funds to Beautify, Enhance Texas Communities 05/14/12
Energy Sector Task Force to Meet in Laredo 09/14/12
TxDOT Releases List of 100 Most Congested Roadways 08/31/12
Texas Transportation Commission Waives Fee for Select Veterans Driving on State Toll Roads 08/30/12
Texas Gets Millions in Federal Transportation Dollars 08/30/12
TxDOT to Make Paying Tolls Much Easier for Central Texas Drivers 08/30/12
TxDOT Looking to Private Sector for Routine Maintenance Help to Create Value and Generate Cost Savings of $120 Million 08/27/12
TxDOT Draws Attention to Statewide Traffic Deaths 08/17/12
Energy Sector Task Force to Meet in Midland 08/15/12
State Issues Request for Qualifications for SH 183/Airport Freeway Project 06/02/12
Adding Highway Shoulders, Width, Reduce Crash Numbers and Save Lives 08/09/12
I-69 Development Keeps Forward Progress 07/26/12
I-69 Segment Committees Release Final Reports 07/24/12
State Moves Forward on $1.9 Billion in Construction and Project Development 06/28/12
Commission Adopts Rural Transportation Plan 06/28/12
Panama Canal Stakeholder Work Group Schedules Inaugural Meeting 06/27/12
Energy Sector Task Force to meet in Cleburne 06/25/12
New Online Application Provides Real-Time Travel Information 06/20/12
TxDOT Prepares for 2012 Storm Season 06/01/12
TxDOT 'getting out ahead' of Panama Canal expansion 05/21/12
Energy Site Release - April 26, 2012 04/26/12
Energy Site Release - March 22, 2012 03/22/12