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Ethan Hawke Champions Don't mess with Texas® 07/25/23
Speed remains top contributing factor in Texas crashes 07/18/23
TxDOT seeks public input on record $100 billion plan for projects across the state 07/06/23
Three deaths a day in Texas due to drunk driving 06/16/23
Millions of Texans still not wearing seat belts 05/15/23
More people are dying in motorcycle crashes in Texas 05/01/23
TxDOT calls for safe driving in work zones to continue downward trend in fatalities 04/17/23
TxDOT urges Texans to give driving their full attention 04/03/23
TxDOT seeks public input on building the transportation system of 2050 03/21/23
Every traffic death robs a family and a community 03/16/23
College students joining fight to end drunk driving deaths 03/01/23
Governor Abbott, TxDOT developing record $100 billion plan for projects across the state 02/23/23
Teen Click it or Ticket urges buckling up to save a life 02/03/23
Laura Ryan finishes term as Texas transportation commissioner 01/26/23
Statewide partnership fights to end human trafficking 01/20/23
Texas sidewalks, bike lanes to receive funding 12/01/22
Texas traffic congestion rebounded in 2021 11/28/22
Six years of loss from one tragic decision 11/09/22
More than 79,000 dead on Texas roads. It’s time to care. 10/20/22
New cable barrier saving lives 09/29/22
Child car seats save lives but nearly half are misused 09/21/22
Drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists must follow traffic laws and stay focused 09/01/22
Governor Abbott, TxDOT, announce record $85 billion 10-year transportation plan 08/30/22
TxDOT approves nearly $150 million for statewide transit 07/14/22
TxDOT seeks public input on state's 10-year transportation-plan 07/08/22
Joe Jonas lassos litter as the new face of Don't mess with Texas 06/13/22
TxDOT urges drivers to pay attention amid 17% increase in traffic deaths involving distracted driving 04/18/22
Traffic deaths spike in Texas work zones 04/04/22
2021 marks second deadliest year on Texas roads 03/14/22
Deaths over 2021 spring break show true consequences of driving drunk 03/08/22
'Teen Click It or Ticket' urges buckling up to save a life 02/17/22
Texas Transportation Commission statement on Broadway progress 02/02/22
Texas Transportation Commission approves retaining capacity on SL 368 (Broadway) to address congestion and plan for future growth 01/27/22
TxDOT, law enforcement step up effort to curb drunk driving 08/15/23
Almost half of all child car seats aren’t installed correctly 09/15/23

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