New Online Application Provides Real-Time Travel Information
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New Online Application Provides Real-Time Travel Information

Austin - The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has launched a new online map application, DriveTexas™, that provides travelers with real-time traffic conditions, traffic and weather feeds, as well as links to other useful travel information.

DriveTexas™ displays statewide conditions affecting travel-construction, closures, accidents-as well as a live weather feed that allows drivers to check conditions along their route.  Travelers can plot a course by entering their start and end cities to view highway conditions along their route, and they can also locate TxDOT Safety Rest Areas or Texas Travel Information Centers.  In select cities, travelers can also view images from traffic cameras, messages posted on dynamic message signs, and other detailed information.

This new site features a user-friendly interface, making it easy for the traveling public to access real-time conditions affecting travel across Texas. The application can be found at, or by clicking on the "Highway Conditions" link on the TxDOT homepage. And for those on the go, a mobile-friendly version is available.  To use DriveTexas™ while en route, motorists should pull off the highway to a safe location or have a passenger access the service.

Although highway condition information has been available to the public for years on, DriveTexas™ is a more robust, user-friendly interface that puts information right at the user's fingertips in an easy-to-find format.

“People are mobile and want traffic and road conditions before and during their trip,” said Margo Richards, TxDOT's Travel Information Division Director.  “DriveTexas™ will make it easier to plan trips, avoid problem areas, and reach destinations quickly and safely.  The goal is to make travel as safe as possible."

TxDOT is committed to working with others to provide safe and reliable transportations solutions for Texas.  This new feature provides the traveling public with the information they need to plan their trips and arrive safely at destinations.

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June 20, 2012