Important news concerning bidding capacity
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Important news concerning bidding capacity

The rapid inflation affecting the highway construction industry has negatively affected contractor bidding capacity. As a result of the inflation, the value of contracts that contractors can bid on has been effectively reduced. This undermines competition on TxDOT projects, at a time when competition levels are low. To maintain competition, TxDOT will enact the following temporary measure.

Temporary measure

For construction and maintenance contracts, contractors may make a request to the Construction Division for release of proposals when the contractor’s total bidding capacity is exceeded by no more than 50%. The request must be made after the contractor has received a failure notice when requesting the proposal in iCX. This modification is in effect until further notice.

TxDOT reserves the right to deny requests when the contractor is subject to a remedial action, sanctioned, or under an appealed sanction.


If you have questions regarding this temporary measure or need to request release of a proposal, please contact:

Greg Williams