TxDOT to Make Paying Tolls Much Easier for Central Texas Drivers
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TxDOT to Make Paying Tolls Much Easier for Central Texas Drivers

Pay system to keep motorists moving

AUSTIN - Travel on Central Texas toll roads will become even easier with today's approval to implement a permanent pay-by-mail system that eliminates the need to stop and make cash payments for non-TxTag vehicles.

The Texas Transportation Commission, at its August meeting, gave the Texas Department of Transportation approval to eliminate the cash payment option for the Central Texas Turnpike System (CTTS). The CTTS consists of the following four contiguous toll highways serving the Austin metropolitan region and the Austin-San Antonio corridor: SH 45 North, Loop 1 and SH 130 (Segments 1-4) and SH 45 Southeast.

"Not only is TxDOT committed to enhancing safety, but also to ensuring Texas drivers get to where they're going with ease," said James Bass, TxDOT Chief Financial Officer. "By implementing a comprehensive 'pay-by-mail' system in Central Texas, motorists will avoid any delays previously caused by lines at toll booths."

The pay-by-mail option is administered via video to accurately read vehicles' license plate numbers. After passing the toll equipment, driver's vehicles not enrolled in the TxTag program are billed through the mail. TxTag provides an easier way for drivers to manage their toll road driving payments and offers a discount that delivers greater value.

The commission also agreed to establish new toll rates on the CTTS facilities. The changes, which will become effective Jan. 1, 2013, make fees more compatible with other toll fees charged regionally, and provide for increases that will keep pace with the consumer price index in the future.

Find out more information: TxTag.

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August 30, 2012