Austin-Area Toll Roads Move to Electronic Payment/Billing Only, Saving Texans Time and Money
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Austin-Area Toll Roads Move to Electronic Payment/Billing Only, Saving Texans Time and Money

AUSTIN — Motorists traveling on Austin-area toll roads can enjoy a more seamless ride Jan. 1 when tolls convert to all an-electronic payment system. The new method will save motorists the time and headache of digging for change or waiting in line at toll booths. Starting in January, drivers can either pay by mail or purchase a TxTag, which can save them up to 25 percent on toll charges.

 "The state-of-the-art equipment on Central Texas toll roads allows us to accurately assess toll charges for every vehicle, so all motorists can enjoy the benefit of the open road without needing to stop to pay,” said Doug Woodall, TxDOT Toll Operations Director. Already, drivers are seeing the advantage of paying with a TxTag, which provides them a substantial discount on tolls throughout the state."

The action, approved by the Texas Transportation Commission at its August meeting allows the Texas Department of Transportation to remove the cash payment option on Loop 1, SH 45 North and Segments 1-4 of SH 130, between I-35 in Georgetown and U.S. 183 near Mustang Ridge.

TxDOT’s newest toll roads, including SH 45 Southeast, have opened as all-electronic roadways without toll booths. Eliminating cash toll collections on Central Texas toll roads will reduce TxDOT’s operating costs in 2013 by approximately $5 million.

TxTag users will notice no changes, other than the eventual removal of toll booths. TxDOT will install barricades to prevent vehicles from going through cash-payment lanes until the booths are removed.

Motorists without a prepaid toll account will receive a monthly bill in the mail with toll charges, plus a $1.15 statement fee. The Pay-By-Mail option is administered through video capture of vehicles’ license plates. Toll road users can pay their bill online, mail their payment, or pay in person at the TxTag Customer Service Center. Central Texas toll roads will also continue to accept the North Texas TollTags and Harris County EZ Tags.

Drivers can register for a TxTag online at, by phone at 1-888-GoTxTag or in person at the Customer Service Center, 12719 Burnet Road. TxTag users receive a discount of 25 percent off the Pay-By-Mail rates, and the initial fee for the TxTag sticker is waived if motorists enroll in AutoPay.

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December 14, 2012