US 82 from 0.1 mile west of CR 3403 (Red River County line) to 0.1 mile west of US 259
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US 82 from 0.1 mile west of CR 3403 (Red River County line) to 0.1 mile west of US 259

CSJ: 0046-03-040

US 82 West map

Project description

The proposed project consists of widening the existing section of US 82 in Bowie County from 0.1 mile west of CR 3403 to 0.1 mile west of US 259.

When complete, this project would feature the following improvements:

  • A typical section consisting of two 12-foot travel lanes in each direction, a continuous 16-foot-wide paved median, and a 10-foot shoulder in each direction.
  • Drainage improvements for this project would include replacement of the existing culverts and appropriate modifications to the open roadside ditches.
  • The proposed typical section includes relocation of the existing trail approximately 25 feet to the south. The trail relocation will include the clearing and grading necessary to reestablish the trail. The trail reconstruction could possibly begin prior to the roadway widening.

Funding and letting information

The US 82 West project is estimated to cost $67.9 million and is currently funded utilizing Category 4 funds. The project has a projected let date of March 2026.

Existing typical section
Proposed typical section

Public involvement

The purpose of public involvement is to share project information and updates, present proposed schematics of the project and collect input from the community. TxDOT is committed to working closely with the community on this project. On Sept. 15, 2020, TxDOT conducted a virtual public meeting. The purpose of this virtual public meeting is to receive comments on the proposed project. To access the public involvement website for this meeting please click here.