Comprehensive Development Agreement
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On June 23, 2009, TxDOT awarded two Comprehensive Development Agreements (CDAs) for the North Tarrant Express project to NTE Mobility Partners. The executed CDAs may be viewed and/or downloaded using the links below.

Phase 1

The Concession CDA (Phase 1) includes the design, development, construction, finance, maintenance, and operation of 13 miles along Interstate (IH) 820 and State Highway (SH) 121/SH 183 from IH 35W to SH 121.

Segments 2-4

The CDA for Segments 2-4 includes developing master plans for the remainder of the corridors along SH 183 from SH 121 to SH 161, IH 820 east from SH 121/SH 183 south to Randol Mill Road, and along IH 35W from IH 30 to SH 170 in Tarrant and Dallas counties, as well as other facilities for connectivity, safety and financing.

Public Hearing

A public hearing was held on April 14, 2009 regarding the disclosure of financial information for the project. The public hearing comment and response and summary and analysis reports are now available for review.

Segments 3A and 3B - Ready for Developmental Submittal

This submission describes North Tarrant Express Mobility Partner's (NTEMP) plans to develop Segments 3A and 3B along the IH 35W corridor of the North Tarrant Express system together with improvements to the IH 35W / IH 820 interchange.

CDA for a Concession

Exhibit Title Format
  Comprehensive Development Agreement (Executed Version)
1 Abbreviations and Definitions
2 Proposal Commitments
  Developer's Schematic Plan of Facility
3 Form of Lease and Amendment to Lease
4 Toll Regulation
5 Facility Plan of Finance
6 List of Initial Funding Agreements and Initial Security Documents
7 Compensation Terms
8 Federal Requirements
9 Milestone Schedule
10 Preliminary Baseline Schedule
11 Hazardous Materials Risk Allocation Terms
12 Handback Requirements Reserve Elements and Reserve Funding Mechanism
13 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Special Provisions
14 Developer’s DBE Performance Plan
15 Developer’s Job Training / Small Business Mentoring Plan
16 Required Capacity Improvements, Facility Extensions and Technology Enhancements
17 Insurance Coverage Requirements
18 Noncompliance Points System, Persistent Developer Default and Measures of Liquidated Damages
19 Disputes Board Agreement
20 Terms for Termination Compensation
21 Option Consideration for Extension of Long Stop Date
22 Initial Designation of Authorized Representatives
23 Form of TxDOT Tolling Services Agreement
24 Form of Joinder Agreement
25 Form of Lender’s Direct Agreement

Book 2 - Technical Provisions for Concession CDA

Attachments Title Format
  Book 2 - Technical Provisions
2-1 Project Management Plan Contents
2-2 Work Breakdown Structure Requirements
2-3 Toll Operations Document Retention Schedule
Section 5 Third Party Agreements
Section 6 Utility Adjustments
Section 11 Roadways

Book 3 - Programmatic Technical Provisions for Concession CDA

Title Format
Book 3 - Programmatic Technical Provisions for Concession CDA

CDA - Segments 2 Through 4

Exhibit Title Format
  Comprehensive Development Agreement (Executed Version)
A Abbreviations and Definitions
B Conceptual Development Plan
C Conceptual Financial Plan
D Master Development Plan Requirements
E Master Financial Plan Requirements
F Requirements for Project Management Plan
G Schedule Requirements
H Terms and Conditions of Developer’s Compensation for Initial Scope of Work
I Terms and Conditions For Technical Support Services
J Milestones and Deliverables
K DBE Provisions
L Risk Events Matrix
M Dispute Resolution Process
N Authorized Representatives
O Process for Determining Price and Verifying Price Reasonableness for Self-Performed Work
P Federal Requirements

Segments 3A and 3B - Ready for Developmental Submittal

Volume Title Format
1 Executive Summary
2-1 Table of Contents
2-2 Description of the Submission/Conditions Precedent
2-3 Information List
2-4 Elements of Facility Implementation Plan
2-5 Facility Development Plan
2-Appendix 2A Tolling Plan
2-Appendix 2B Traffic and Revenue Report Executive Summary - Cover Page
2-Appendix 2B Traffic and Revenue Report Executive Summary
3 Financial Submission
4 Schematics and Drawings - Table of Contents
4 (Attachments) Schematics and Drawings - Attachments
4 Segment 3A - Schematics and Drawings
4 Segment 3B - Schematics and Drawings
4 I-35W / IH 820 Interchange

Segments 3A and 3B - Updated Ready for Developmental Submittal

Volume Title Format
1 Updated Submittal
2 Updated Schematics and Drawings

Segments 3A and 3B - Executed

Title Format
Volume I: Facility Agreement  
- Facility Agreement
- Facility Agreement Exhibits
Volume II: Technical Provisions  
- Book 2
- Book 2 Attachments
- Book 3
Volume III: Other Agreements and Documentation  
- Private Activity Bonds Agreement
- Facility Lease Agreement
- Amendment to Facility Lease Agreement
- Memorandum of Lease Agreement
- Amendment to Memorandum of Lease Agreement
- Lease Escrow Agreement
- Intellectual Property Escrow Agreement
- Copy of Disputes Board Agreement
- Disputes Board Ancillary Documents
- Facility Trust Agreement
- Security Agreement


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