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To assist communities as they recover from the economic effects of COVID-19, the Texas State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) is providing local governments the opportunity to access funds for eligible transportation projects at 0% interest for the first three years of the loan term.

For more information, please see a copy of our recent webinar and flyer on our General Information page.


State Infrastructure Banks (SIB) were authorized in 1995 as a part of the National Highway Designation Act (NHS) to help accelerate needed mobility improvements through a variety of financial assistance options made to local entities through state transportation departments.

Since Texas was chosen as one of the ten states to test the pilot program, the state legislature authorized the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to administer the SIB program in 1997.


The overall goal of the SIB program is to provide innovative financing methods to communities to assist them in meeting their infrastructure needs.

The SIB program allows borrowers to access capital funds at or below market interest rates.

General Information

The Texas Transportation Commission has approved 120 loans totaling more than $617 million from the SIB program. The loans have helped leverage more than $6.1 billion in transportation projects in Texas.

The SIB operates as a revolving loan fund, where the account balance grows through the monthly interest earned and repaid principal and interest payments.

In Texas, SIB financial assistance can be granted to any public or private entity authorized to construct, maintain or finance an eligible transportation project.

Projects must be eligible for funding as a federal-aid highway under the federal statutes (United States Code, Title 23) to comply with SIB requirements. This usually requires a project to be on a state’s highway system and included in the statewide Transportation Improvement Plan.

Work eligible for the program’s funding in Texas includes planning and preliminary studies, feasibility, economic and environmental studies, right of way acquisition, surveying, appraisal and testing, utility relocation, engineering and design, construction, inspection and construction engineering.

Current SIB Loans by Region

Some TxDOT districts currently have SIB loans. View the map to find which districts are in each region.

Contact Us

TxDOT Project Finance, Debt and Strategic Contracts Division
State Infrastructure Bank (SIB)
125 E. 11th St.
Austin, TX 78701-2483
(512) 463-9958