Project documentation and data submittal
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Project documentation and data submittal

Project records, including legal documents, meeting minutes, reports, etc., must be maintained by the local government during the course of the project.

Record keeping

As soon as the contract between the local government and the contractor is executed, the local government should establish a system to maintain and organize the project records. Early organization of the project documents and files by the local government will ensure that an audit by TxDOT or FHWA during or at the close of the project will proceed smoothly.

Proper record keeping also aids project administration by documenting compliance with local, state and federal policies and procedures. The local government must retain records as specified in the Advanced Funding Agreement (AFA). The TxDOT district must also retain records and must ensure that the local government is maintaining the appropriate records to aid both TxDOT and FHWA during project audits.

Construction projects

Construction project records must also include:

  • Pay quantities.
  • Test reports supporting that the materials used meet specification requirements.
  • Contract administration.

The specific requirements for each project will be addressed in the AFA.

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