Photo library
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Photo library

Our photo library includes transportation subjects, travel destinations and archive materials. There are no user fees or service charges for library access or reference.

Film archive

Images on film may require processing by a commercial photo lab. Fees for these services are the customer's responsibility.

Texas Highways

Most photos in our Texas Highways magazine are purchased from freelance photographers and unavailable through the photo library.

Request photos

Communicate your request to the photo librarian. Images from the library database are easily shared via email. It may be necessary to make an appointment to visit the photo library for more detailed research or to access archive materials. You may request specific photos by mail or by phone. The photo library database is not available online.

Reproduction of TxDOT photographs

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) allows TxDOT-owned and copyright-protected photographs from the Communications Division photo library to be copied or reproduced by the general public and the Texas tourism industry. All costs associated with copying or reproducing photographs are the sole responsibility of the person copying or reproducing the material. Any person or entity who reproduces and uses TxDOT photographs does so entirely at their own risk and may be subject to claims or litigation by other parties.

Written releases are not available from people or properties pictured in any photograph. Under no circumstances will TxDOT be responsible for, or share in the liability for, any claim from a third party’s use of materials obtained from TxDOT.

Photo samples