Strategic Direction Report
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Strategic Direction Report

TxDOT developed the Strategic Direction Report: Opportunities for TxDOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program (SDR) in coordination with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee to identify short, mid, and longer-term actions that TxDOT can take to support bicyclists and pedestrians.

Strategies and actions are grouped into the following focus areas:

  • Expand the bicycle and pedestrian networks.
  • Build safer and better bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.
  • Provide training for engineers, planners and construction staff.
  • Educate and encourage the public on safe driving, riding, bicycling and walking.
  • Develop statewide management systems for bicycle and pedestrian information.
  • Fund more bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Since the original SDR in 2015, TxDOT has implemented a number of recommendations, including: