Loop 286 improvements
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Loop 286 improvements

Project overview

TxDOT's Paris District is evaluating potential short-term and long-term roadway and operational improvements for Loop 286 in Paris, Texas. The proposed project encompasses the loop around Paris, a length of 15.5 miles. Segments of the loop are also designated as US 82 and US 271.

Project purpose and need

Within this project, TxDOT is addressing needed geometric and safety improvements for Loop 286 around Paris, Texas. The purpose of the Loop 286 project is to improve safety, increase regional mobility, improve traffic operations, and address roadway deficiencies through short-term and long-term improvements.

Project details

The project is currently in the preliminary design phase that includes schematic design and environmental analysis. The purpose of this stage of design is to determine project needs including evaluating travel demand, mobility needs, safety improvements, environmental impacts, impacts on existing and planned developments, and identify final roadway design alternatives. Recommended alternatives for the Northeast Loop and Southeast Loop projects have been identified and presented at the public meetings and can be viewed at the links below. The project team is currently completing detailed roadway designs and performing environmental review of the proposed short-term projects.

Public involvement

The purpose of public involvement is to share project information and updates, present proposed schematics of the project and collect input from the community. TxDOT is committed to working closely with the community on this project.