SH 99 Grand Parkway segment I-2 - I-10 East to SH 146
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SH 99 Grand Parkway segment I-2 - I-10 East to SH 146

Segment I-2 is an environmentally approved 15-mile, four-lane, controlled access toll road with intermittent frontage roads from SH 146 to I-10 East (the East Freeway).

The portion of Segment I-2 from I-10 East to FM 1405 has been open to traffic since March 2008. The non-tolled portion from Fisher Road to SH 146 is existing, and the proposed toll lanes are currently under construction as part of the Segments H and I Design Build Project.

The map below shows Segment I-2 of the Grand Parkway. Each square indicates the limits of the detailed map of that portion of the segment. Select a link from the list below to view a detailed map of the segment. The detailed map will open in a separate window. The maps are large files and may be slow to download. Once in the detailed maps, use the zoom button in the toolbar to view the maps at 100 percent of their original size.

The latest approved environmental document for Segment I-2 is the Re-evaluation, which was approved on November 17, 2017.

Below are some of the other latest-approved Segment I-2 environmental documents:

If you have questions about Segment I-2 or would like to request any other environmental documents, please email the Houston District.