US 281 Blanco Relief Route Study
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US 281 Blanco Relief Route Study


With support from the city of Blanco and Blanco County, TxDOT has initiated the US 281 Blanco Relief Route Study to develop and evaluate preliminary relief route options to enhance safety and improve mobility along US 281 in the city of Blanco. The purpose of this study, in collaboration with local stakeholders and the public, is to develop a relief route alignment around the city of Blanco that meets TxDOT’s mission and reflects community values.

Public involvement

The purpose of stakeholder and public involvement for this study is to identify existing and future needs, define goals and objectives for a relief route and arrive at a locally recommended route option. Public input is a highly valued and important part of creating improvements to address transportation needs. TxDOT is committed to working closely with the community to ensure that interested citizens can comment, voice concerns, and ask questions.

The US 281 Blanco Relief Route Study will include stakeholder and public engagement through workshops and other opportunities for input to develop a solution that addresses the needs of this community.


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TxDOT is developing preliminary plans to improve 19 miles of US 281 Blanco County project, including the US 281/US 290 interchange. The purpose of the US 281 Blanco County project is to enhance safety, improve connectivity and mobility by providing additional roadway capacity to meet current and future traffic demands due to population growth and increased traffic volumes.

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