Segments H and I-1 - US 59 North to I-10 East
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Segments H, I-1, and the full build-out of Segment I-2 is currently under construction based on a Design Build Agreement executed with Grand Parkway Infrastructure (GPI) on June 30, 2017. Construction is anticipated to last through spring 2022. 

The following exhibits provide information on Segments H, I-1, and I-2 upon completion of the ongoing Design Build project: (You may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the maps.)

Segments H and I Project Overview Map
Segments H and I Future Tolling Points Map
Segments I-2A and I-2B Overview Map
Segment I-2 Non-tolled and Tolled Movements Map

Scope Information:

Segments H and I-1 include 37.5-miles of a controlled access toll facility from I-69/US 59 North (the Eastex Freeway) near New Caney, to US 90 near Dayton, to I-10 East (the East Freeway) near Mont Belvieu. It traverses through Montgomery, Harris, Liberty, and Chambers counties. Starting from its connection to Segment G at I-69/US 59 North, the first 8 miles of Segment H consists of four lanes, two in each direction, located within Montgomery and Harris counties. The remaining portion of Segment H and I-1 consist of two lanes with intermittent four-lane passing sections. 

Segment I-2, starting from I-10 East to SH 146, is composed of Segments I-2A and I-2B. Segment I 2A, from I-10 East to FM 1405, has been open to traffic since March 2008 and includes a four-lane controlled access toll road from I-10 East to Fisher Road. Segment I-2B provides for a four-lane controlled access toll road from its connection at Segment I-2A to SH 146. It includes frontage roads on both sides of the mainlanes except at Cedar Bayou and Goose Lake where each frontage road converges to use the mainlane bridges crossing over these waterways (see Segment I-2 Maps above). 

Environmental Study Information:

Segments H, I-1, and I-2 were cleared under two separate Environmental Studies:
Environmental Study information for Segment I-2.
Environmental Study information for Segments H and I-1 is provided below: 

The map shows Segments H and I-1 of the Grand Parkway. Select the individual purple squares to view detailed maps of the segment. Each square indicates the limits of the detailed map of that portion of the segment. Once a square is selected, the detailed map will open in a separate window. The maps are large files and may be slow to download. Once in the detailed maps, use the zoom button in the toolbar to view the maps at 100 percent of their original size. You may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the maps.

Map of Grand Parkway Segments H and I-1Access to Map Schematic 1 of 3 for Segments H and I-1Access to Map Schematic 2 of 3 for Segments H and I-1Access to Map Schematic 3 of 3 for Segments H and I-1

The latest approved environmental document is the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) Re-evaluation, which was approved April 8, 2014.

Below are some of the other latest-approved Segments H and I-1 environmental documents:

Get Involved

If you have questions about Segments H and I-1 or would like to request any other environmental documents, please email the Houston District.

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