Buy America material classification sheet
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Buy America material classification sheet

Starting December 2023 letting, certification requirements for construction materials and Build America Buy America have changed. Existing contracts will continue to follow the provisions set in the contract. New Buy America Material Classification sheet and Form 2806 have been created to meet these requirements.

The Buy America material classification sheet categorizes materials as iron and steel, construction material, or manufactured product on a per-item basis. Section 70917(c) materials is added as a category starting December 2023 letting. Buy America Material Classification sheets for respective contract requirements are found below. Any material not specifically listed or called out in the contract will be covered by the definition of construction material set in the contract.

The contractor will need to submit Form 2806, "Construction Materials Buy America Certification," for all items classified as a construction material to be in compliance with the Build America, Buy America Act (BABA).

Form 2806 has two versions to reflect the new (SP006-040) and previous (SP006-030 or SP006-039) requirements.


Archived classification sheets

  • As materials are added to the classification sheets, previous versions of the respective sheet will be archived here.