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The local government managing a construction or non-construction project located on the state highway system and/or is being reimbursed by federal/state funding must obtain TxDOT approval for the proposed procurement procedure for the selection of the following:

  • Professional services provider.
  • Contractor for a construction or maintenance project.
  • Materials provider.

Non-federal share

The local government must provide documentation that they followed a TxDOT approved consultant selection process in order to apply their costs paid for consultant services to the non-federal share of a project or program. Selection of a professional services provider must conform to federal and state law.

The local government should submit its selection procedures to the applicable TxDOT district as early as possible to avoid delaying the project.

Suspended or debarred professional service providers as well as contractors and suppliers are not allowed to participate in projects.

Advertising, letting, and awarding

TxDOT must approve the local government procurement process for advertising, letting and awarding a construction contract.

Consideration for prequalification requirements and post qualification requirements should be considered early in the design process so that the proposed procurement process can be submitted to the applicable TxDOT district for review well in advance of the approval for plans, specifications and estimates.

Prequalification requirements

Contractors must be prequalified by TxDOT for construction and maintenance projects (with or without state or federal funds) on the state highway system.

Approved materials

TxDOT reviews and approves products and materials from various manufacturers and producers for use on construction contracts. The local government must use approved sources if the project is on the state highway system and may require approved sources if the project is off the state highway system but involves state or federal funding.

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