General design guidelines
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General design guidelines

The preliminary engineering and design phase of construction and non-construction projects includes development of design guidelines with requirements specified by state and federal statutes. The phase also includes the development of design layouts for non-construction projects and design schematics for roadway projects depicting proposed geometrics.

Design concept conference

A design concept conference is a meeting of key individuals to establish fundamental aspects of a project. The conference facilitates agreement to basic project features and enhances relationships between concerned parties. The local government should submit a listing of the design guidelines for construction and non-construction projects.

Preliminary design

Preliminary design must include identification of environmental issues and commitments. Commitments are often included in the following project environmental documents:

  • Categorical exclusion (CE).
  • Environmental assessment (EA).
  • Environmental impact statement (EIS).

Additional topics that should be considered during the preliminary design phase are:

  • Coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Preparation of design surveys.
  • Landscape development.
  • Storm water management.

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