Contract administration
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Contract administration

The goal of contract administration is to ensure the requirements as outlined in the contract documents are performed accurately and completely, and the responsibilities of all parties are properly satisfied.

The construction phase of a project is initiated after TxDOT concurs in the award of the contract to the selected bidder. The local government  may then award and execute the contract.

Although the local government is responsible for tasks that start the construction project, the TxDOT district actively participates in the initiation of the construction phase and maintains oversight responsibility during construction to ensure projects are managed, developed and constructed in accordance with approved policies, procedures, plans and specifications.  

Project coordination meeting

Soon after the contract is awarded and executed, a project coordination meeting should be held between the local government and TxDOT to review their respective contract requirements and responsibilities throughout the construction phase of the project.

Pre-construction meeting

The local government plans and conducts the pre-construction meeting, which should involve the local government’s key personnel, the contractor (and subcontractors as required) and TxDOT. The meeting must be held prior to the commencement of work. The construction phase starts when the local government issues a Notice to Proceed (NTP) or Authorization to Begin Work to the contractor.

Items for consideration

Contract administration is a complex activity, with many required tasks to address all applicable local, state and federal requirements. Each of the following items should be addressed, as appropriate, within the contract administration activities:

  • Environmental concerns
  • Inspection
  • Supervision and staffing
  • Specification compliance
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Records
  • Subcontracting
  • Statements and payrolls
  • Progress payments
  • Retainage
  • Contract time
  • Time extensions
  • Termination of contract

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