Project close-out
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Project close-out

The project close-out is a critical step and is necessary to complete the requirements of the Advance Funding Agreement (AFA). TxDOT will review the project to:

  • Determine if all work was completed and acceptable to TxDOT.
  • Determine each party’s final cost share for the project.
  • Process the final payment to close the work on the project.
  • Complete the project audit.

The close-out process requires the local government to provide TxDOT with all necessary project documentation for review.

Fiscal close-out

TxDOT district has primary responsibility to fiscally close-out an AFA project. The district maintains cost data throughout the project and should determine the actual shared cost at the conclusion of the work, and upon approval of the final request for reimbursement on the project. TxDOT will reconcile all financial records against data in its financial management system.

File of record

TxDOT and the local government should securely store and protect the file of record until the legal document retention requirements are met as specified in the Advance Funding Agreement.

Consideration should be given for the disposition of property interests that have been recommended as being no longer needed for highway purposes.

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