FM 1977 San Antonio
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FM 1977 San Antonio

San Antonio - FM 1977 Scope

0.311 miles reconstruction and widening from FM 621 to the Guadalupe/Caldwell County line.

Project Location (Map)

Goals and Objectives Piloted

  • Design: 3D modeling of roadway, drainage, and utilities for constructability and clash detection. Item types (data attribution to CAD elements) for model-based quantity reporting.
  • Deliverables: First Model As a Legal Document (MALD) in the state of Texas. 3D Model Breaklines for Automated Machine Guidance (AMG). PDF Rollplots for reduced plan sheets. 
  • Construction: Digital review tools for model review in the field. Explore digital as-built solutions.
  • Asset Management: Item types (data attribution to CAD elements) for future asset management tracking.

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