Become precertified
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Become precertified

A firm must be precertified prior to being awarded a professional services contract with TxDOT. Firms must apply for precertification. The precertification process is outlined in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC).

Obtain user ID

Precertification application is completed through our online database system, the Consultant Certification Information System (CCIS Online). You must first gain access to the system to apply for precertification.

To gain access to CCIS Online, you must complete the following steps:

1. Obtain a User ID for using CCIS by completing the following three forms:

Scan the filled-out forms and combine them into one file. Please email the completed file.

2. Receive your assigned User ID (ACID) via email. Normal processing takes approximately ten days. The email will contain instructions for signing onto TxDOT's mainframe and CCIS Online. These instructions will include steps for obtaining your initial password and procedures for changing that password.


TxDOT precertifies individuals based on prior work experience. An employee demonstrates experience by describing the work done on past projects. Precertification is granted or denied based on this information. Precertification extends to the individual's firm.

Prepare your application

The application is completed completely online. Begin by gathering the information needed and use the following resources:

Submit application through CCIS Online

1. Complete the web application in CCIS Online.

2. Submit your application by selecting the "Send Notification" button, which notifies TxDOT that the application or update is complete.

3. TxDOT has 60 days to review your application after receipt of complete and accurate information. TxDOT will contact you when the precertification process is complete. You will be provided with a report of the outcome of the process.

Maintain precertification status

  • Update your precertification information any time your firm or employer's information changes.
  • Submit for annual renewal between Jan. 1 and March 31 of each year for your firm.

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