Become administratively qualified
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Become administratively qualified

Administrative qualification is a process TxDOT uses to verify that your firm has an indirect cost rate that meets TxDOT requirements.

Requirements for processes

The administrative qualification requirements for the two selection processes — Federal and Non-Federal (state) — are addressed in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 43, Subchapter C, in Sections 9.34(b) and 9.35(b), respectively. The requirements are further explained below:

Become administratively qualified

You may demonstrate administrative qualification by an audit or by self-certification of its incorporated entity or business segment. TxDOT requires the use of direct labor cost as the allocation base for allocating indirect costs.

Submit qualification documentation

After an audit is complete, you must submit qualification documentation for review.

Maintain administrative qualification status

Each year you need to submit a new CPA audit or self-certification overhead audit for review no later than 6 months after the last day of the close of your financial year.

Firms eligible to do business with TxDOT

You may download a list of administrative qualification status by firm. You may need to refresh your browser to ensure the most current list loads.

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