Submittal and review process
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Submittal and review process

A provider must submit its administrative qualification information; audit or self-certification report, to the PEPS Administrative Qualifications Group.

Use the email below to submit your contact information. TxDOT will respond with instructions for submitting your administrative qualification information within one business day.

NOTE: This is a separate submittal from precertification submittal.

Upon review of an audit report or self-certification received from a provider, the PEPS Administrative Qualifications Group (PEPS AQG) may request additional information from the provider. If the submittal is not complete and accurate, the PEPS AQG will return it to the provider for correction. The provider shall submit the additional information or the corrected administrative qualification submittal within 30 days after the day that it receives the PEPS Administrative Qualifications Group's request. If the information is not received within the 30-day period, the PEPS AQG will reject and not process the administrative qualification submittal.

If an administrative qualification submittal is rejected, the provider may refile a corrected audit report or self-certification and shall include any previously requested information. The provider may not refile earlier than 90 days after the day that the PEPS Administrative Qualifications Group sends the notice rejecting the submittal.

The PEPS AQG will make a good faith effort to complete the administrative qualification review process within 60 days after the day that it receives a complete and accurate audit report or self-certification.

The PEPS Administrative Qualifications Group will provide a selected firm's indirect cost rate information to the managing office on notification of selection for use in negotiations. The PEPS Administrative Qualifications Group will not provide a firm's administrative qualification information to the managing office or the consultant selection team before the selection of that firm.

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