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Texas Highways

Texas Highways CoverThe official travel magazine of Texas reaches nearly 500,000 readers each month with award-winning features on destinations in every part of the Lone Star State. Texas Highways readers enjoy — and share — articles on the most interesting communities, weekend getaways and outdoor adventures, along with coverage of the latest dining spots, parks and museums. A sample issue is available online.

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Texas Highways Events Calendar

Texas Highways Events Calendar Cover

This quarterly publication lists hundreds of Texas events. The calendar also serves as the primary source for Texas Highways’ monthly calendar, and the events on Distribution is 260,000 annually. The current calendar is available online

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Summer (June, July, August) March 1
Fall (September, October, November) June 1
Winter (December, January, February) September 1
Spring (March, April, May) December 1
Texas State Travel Guide

Texas State Travel Guide Cover

The guide highlights publicly accessible sites in Texas of cultural, historical and recreational interest. More than 500 cities are included along with details on events, state parks, lakes, national parks and forests, wineries and scenic areas. Inclusion in the guide is determined by Texas Administrative Rule.

Approximately 1.2 million Texas State Travel Guides are printed annually and distributed to consumer request at, Texas Travel Information Centers, consumer shows and other visitor centers across Texas. The current travel guide is available online.

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Texas Official Travel Map

Texas Official Travel Map Cover

Published annually, this map is designed to show the maximum amount of information relevant to travelers in the most legible manner. All arterial highways and farm/ranch roads leading to arterial highways, communities and recreational areas are included, as are airports, cruise ports and rail lines. Distribution is approximately 1.4 million maps annually. The current travel map is available online.

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Texas Highways Website

Texas Highways Magazine Website

The official website of the official travel magazine of Texas, is your place to read and share about travel, culture and lifestyle, and events across the state. The website not only includes articles from the current issue but also features weekly blog posts and the Texas Highways Online Gift Shop.

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Texas Highways Extra eNewsletter

Texas Highways Extra eNewsletter

Texas Highways Extra showcases upcoming stories, contests and event highlights. Previous issues are available online.

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