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The Construction Division and Materials and Tests Division publish construction and materials articles and advisories periodically. The information is grouped by subject matter below.

Asphalt and Chemical

Date Title PDF
01/08 Epoxy Safety
01/08 FAQs for Performance Grade Binders
01/08 NRM and DMS-11000
11/05 Opening Stuck Valves on Asphalt Piping


Date Title PDF
04/12 Fly Ash: Here Today? (Maybe), Gone Tomorrow? (Maybe)
06/10 Fly Ash Supply (Condensed and Full-length)
02/10 Determining Required Concrete Cylinder Size
03/06 New Electronic Review of Shop Drawings

Contract Administration

Date Title PDF
08/21 Preventing Wrongful Defaults
12/07 Guide to Labor Burden

Flexible Pavements

Date Title PDF
04/16 Thermal Camera Guidance Document
06/11 Protocol for Roadway Core Custody
02/09 Crack Attenuating Mixtures and Rich Bottom Layer Mixtures
05/08 Use of Tapered Longitudinal Joints Such As the Notched Wedge Joint
01/08 Proper Use of Tack Coat
01/08 FAQs for Ride Specifications
08/06 Hamburg Wheel Test
08/06 Revised Guidelines on Minimum Roadway Placement Temperatures
03/06 Blind Sampling
03/06 FAQs for Hot Mix Asphalt Mix Design
09/05 Flexible Pavement Design FAQs

Materials and Pavements Administration

Date Title PDF
09/10 Using Ground-Coupled Radar Techniques to Detect Concealed Subsurface Voids
01/09 FAQs About Network-Level Falling Weight Deflectometer Data Collection
06/08 FAQs About the Falling Weight Deflectometer
01/08 Guide Schedule for Sampling and Testing (2004)
01/08 Quality Monitoring Programs and Material Producer List

Quality Systems and Calibration

Date Title PDF
09/17 Calibrating Effects

Rigid Pavements

Date Title PDF
11/13 Using Slot Stitching to Repair Longitudinal Joint Separation on Roadways
06/11 Calcium Aluminate Cement Concrete (Class CAC Concrete) Important Items for Construction and Inspection
01/11 Calcium Aluminate Cement Concrete (Class CAC Concrete)
01/11 Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) DMS-4550
01/11 Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Important Items for Construction and Inspection
06/10 Fly Ash Supply (Condensed and Full-length)
01/08 Hot Weather Concreting
01/08 Sawing Concrete Pavement
09/06 Precast Concrete Products
06/06 Concrete Curing (Condensed)
06/06 Concrete Curing (Full-length)

Soils and Aggregates

Date Title PDF
03/15 Soils and Base Certification
12/10 New Special Provision for Compost
06/10 Best Practices for Sampling Flexible Base
09/08 Recycled Concrete Aggregates Make Cents
09/05 Guidelines for Modification and Stabilization of Soils and Base for Use in Pavement Structures
09/05 Guidelines for Treatment of Sulfate-Rich Soils and Bases in Pavement Structures

Traffic and Traffic Control

Date Title PDF
12/17 Compliant Work Zone Traffic Control Devices
09/11 Update to Enforcement of Electrical Certification, Training and Videos
01/08 Enforcement of Electrical Certification

Traffic Materials and Coatings

Date Title PDF
01/10 Field Testing of Concrete Curing Compound
06/06 Concrete Curing (Condensed)
06/06 Concrete Curing (Full-length)

Contact Us

For newsletter publication information, contact the Construction Division at (512) 416-2500 or Materials and Tests Division at (512) 506-5802. For technical information, contact the person cited in the article.


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