Roadside Chat webinar and podcast
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Roadside Chat webinar and podcast

This webinar and podcast series covers topics around TxDOT’s discoveries and research that go Beyond The Road. We hope you join us for the next series!

When the Journey is the Destination: Park Road History, Design, and Landscapes


March 23, 2022


2 p.m. Central

Your journey begins when you enter a Texas State Park. The winding road offers you a sneak peek of what’s to come. As you cruise along, you notice trees, plants, and animals, or you spot a rustic-looking cabin.

Park roads may look natural, but they are designed spaces that combine scenic vistas, natural habitats, historic features, and visitor amenities. This webinar will explore the design history of park roads in Texas.

You'll learn how National Park Service planners in the 1930s influenced state park design and hear from today's planners about current thinking and challenges. Case studies featuring Bastrop, Mother Neff, and Goose Island State Parks will explore how extreme weather events impacted park roads and how TxDOT and TPWD partnered to protect them.


  • Jennifer Carpenter, Historic Preservation Specialist, TxDOT
  • JJ Fleury, Planning and Geospatial Resource Manager, Texas State Parks