Local Outreach Groups
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Local Outreach Groups

In addition to public meetings, the US 190/IH 10 Local Outreach Groups will be formed to provide input into the study's process and findings. The groups will be comprised of key decision makers including local elected officials and transportation planning groups.


The Local Outreach Groups will meet with project team members and TxDOT representatives three times during the study to provide valuable strategic input to the planning process and to receive progress reports.

These groups will also help the project team communicate the project's progress to the general public.


The Outreach Groups will include one representative from groups located within the study area and along the US 190/IH 10 corridor:

  1. Incorporated cities (within approximately 15 miles of the corridor)
  2. Counties
  3. Metropolitan Planning Organizations
  4. Sub-Regional Planning Commissions

Local Outreach Group meetings will be held during normal business hours along the study corridor at major project milestones.