SH 35 (Spur 5) from I-45 to I-610
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SH 35 (Spur 5) from I-45 to I-610

Current conditions

SH 35, between the project limits, current does not exist. The proposed project would tie into existing Spur 5 travel lanes and generally constructed within right-of-way previously acquired by TxDOT.

Proposed improvements

TxDOT's Houston District proposes to extend existing Spur 5, and construct on new location, as SH 35 from I-45 to I-610 in Harris County. The proposed project consists of building a four to ten lane roadway with elevated, multi-directional interchanges between SH 35 (Spur 5) and I-610.

The proposed project is approximately 3.4 miles in length and would require approximately 17 acres of new ROW (including displacements) to accommodate the proposed improvements.

The purpose of the proposed project is to:

  • Accommodate regional population growth;
  • Reduce traffic congestion within the project area;
  • Increase north/south mobility; and
  • Increase hurricane evacuation capacity

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