US 290 Improvement Project - FM 1155 Intersection Study (Chappell Hill)
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US 290 Improvement Project - FM 1155 Intersection Study (Chappell Hill)

TxDOT Bryan, in collaboration with the TxDOT Houston District, is developing a US 290 improvement project from FM 1371 in Washington County to State Highway 6 in Waller County, a total of approximately 12 miles.

Near-term improvements are also planned at the FM 1155 Intersection ahead of the proposed long-term US 290 Improvement Project. Additionally, active warning signage and improved signal functionality have been installed and are currently in operation at the FM 1155 intersection.

Near-term improvements

To further improve the intersection, a Restricted Crossing U-turn (R-CUT) is going to be constructed. These intersections simplify decision-making for drivers and minimize the potential for higher-severity crash types, such as T-bone accidents. This type of configuration will also reduce the phasing for each signal cycle which improves the efficiency of traffic flow at the intersection. The proposed improvements include the following features:

  • The R-CUT intersection at FM 1155, would be signalized to allow northbound left turns.
  • Two U-turn locations offset from the intersection—the U-turn location west of the intersection coincides with an R-CUT at FM 1371 intersection and would also have a traffic signal.
  • The medians at the FM 1155 intersection will be mountable, allowing emergency vehicles to go through and cross US 290.

The construction of the R-CUT intersection is anticipated to begin in summer 2024 and conclude in spring 2025.

Long-term improvements

The purpose of the proposed widening project is to improve mobility and enhance safety within the project corridor. The proposed improvements include:

  • Widening existing US 290 from a four-lane divided highway to a six-lane divided highway with a grassy median.
  • Constructing an overpass at the intersection of US 290 and FM 1155 so that the US 290 main lanes would bridge over FM 1155.
  • Widening the north side of the FM 1155 intersection to accommodate future traffic flow.
  • Providing pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.

The project is currently unfunded and construction is not currently anticipated to begin before 2030, unless funding is identified.

Project history

On July 21, 2020, TxDOT's Houston District held a virtual public meeting to present the US 290 improvement project from FM 1371 to State Highway 6 in Washington and Waller counties. Based on feedback received regarding the intersection of US 290 at FM 1155, a more extensive intersection evaluation was performed.

The proposed FM 1155 intersection improvement concepts were presented in the December 7, 2021, virtual public meeting and a follow-up community meeting on January 27, 2022. The intersection improvement options included: an at-grade median U-turn intersection; a grade separation intersection, often referred to as an overpass; and a new location south route that would extend around the southern limits of Chappell Hill.

In June 2022, based on TxDOT’s technical evaluation along with local stakeholders and public input, TxDOT announced a selection of the overpass as the option for further development. The proposed overpass intersection improvements include a US 290 bridge over FM 1155 with entrance and exit ramps to provide local access to Chappell Hill. These proposed improvements were presented in a January 2023 public meeting.

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Near-term improvements

Long-term improvements

  • Exhibits - Proposed near-term intersection improvements - Jan. 27, 2022
  • Exhibits - Proposed Long-Term Overpass Intersection - Jan. 17, 2023

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