FM 2818 (Harvey Mitchell Parkway) widening
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FM 2818 (Harvey Mitchell Parkway) widening

The purpose of this project is to enhance capacity, address congestion, and improve safety along FM 2818 (Harvey Mitchell Parkway).

The project limits are from 0.5 miles north of FM 60 (Raymond Stotzer Parkway) to FM 2154 (Wellborn Road), with a length of 3.2 miles. Small portions of Right-of-Way are required for sidewalks at intersecting roadways.

Interactive project location map

Use the + or - buttons to zoom in on the map as needed; click on the project limit line for more information.

Construction started in early 2021 and is expected to be completed August 2024.


  • FM 2818 serves as one of the main north-south arterials between Bryan and College Station and provides key access to Texas A&M University Main Campus (via FM 60 and FM 2347), Easterwood Airport (via FM 60), Texas A&M University RELLIS Campus (via SH 47), and three of the largest industrial parks in Brazos County.
  • With Texas A&M University enrollment exceeding 62,000 students and Blinn College local enrollment exceeding 12,000 students, congestion along FM 2818 has increased, especially during morning and afternoon rush hours, resulting in daily delays.
  • A previously approved project along FM 2818 with limits from 0.5 miles north of FM 60 to FM 2347 (George Bush Drive) had an Open House on Feb. 11, 2016 and Public Hearing on May 19, 2016. This prior project is being replaced with a new project (described below) which also extends the southern limit to FM 2154.

Proposed improvements

  • Enhance capacity by converting the existing four-lane rural highway (two lanes north, two lanes south, with a continuous two-way left-turn lane) to a six-lane urban street (three lanes north, three lanes south, separated by a median).
  • Address congestion at the intersections at FM 2347, Luther Street, and Holleman Drive by converting the corridor to a “Super Street” design.
  • Improve safety by managing access along the corridor. The “Super Street” design facilitates safer access to side streets turning from FM 2818 by means of signalized left-turn lanes. Driveways and intersecting streets have safer access to FM 2818 by right-turn only lanes and signalized turn-around lanes positioned away from side streets.
  • Improve safety by separating traffic directions with either a center concrete traffic barrier or grass median.
  • Upgrade pedestrian and bicycle facilities by providing shoulders in each direction and a 12’ Shared-Use Path (i.e. Multi-Use Path) on each side of the roadway with crossovers at major intersections.
  • Extend drainage structures and add storm drain system.
  • Increase clearance underneath the FM 60 bridge, which is an adjacent improvement under construction - the FM 60 (Raymond Stotzer Parkway) Overpass Improvement project.
  • Create new grade separated cross street (flyover bridge without connecting ramps) at Jones-Butler Road.

Next steps