Loop 390 / US 59 / I-369 Corridor - Harrison County
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Loop 390 / US 59 / I-369 Corridor - Harrison County

The Atlanta District is planning for the development of I-369 in the Marshall, TX area with the goal of constructing, designating, and signing Loop 390 as US 59 and then ultimately, I-369. The intention is that the proposed route for the future spur to the I-69 system will be designated as I-369 and follow the US 59 corridor as much as feasibly possible while meeting interstate standards. Presently, US 59 through Marshall does not meet interstate standards and considering the impacts to this urban area, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) conducted a route study. The proposed design is a four-lane roadway meeting interstate standards with frontage roads to be considered as a design alternative. In 2014, a route study led by TxDOT with extensive input from the I-69 Harrison County/Marshall Working Group made up of local and state government officials and business leaders was conducted. The Working Group’s goals for establishing I-369 in the Marshall area were based on traffic and safety considerations, connectivity, and community impacts. As per the US 59 Harrison County study, TxDOT is designing the I-369 Harrison County portion to be located on the east side of Marshall. The route study proposed the route as depicted on this map.

To request funding and develop the plans systematically, the district has divided the route into three sections. As demonstrated below, the three sections are: the north section, the middle section, and the south section.

Corridor map

North section

This section of the project extends from US 59 north of Marshall to US 80 and will become the northern portion of future I-369. This approximate six-mile section of the project will utilize much of existing Loop 390 and will be designed to interstate standards. It will connect US 59 to the future I-369 (part of the I-69 system through Texas). Learn more about the north section.

Middle section

This approximate four-mile roadway will be designated as Loop 390. It will be designed to meet interstate standards and will eventually become part of the US 59 Relief Route and future I-369 (part of the I-69 system through Texas). The proposed roadway will connect to the existing Loop 390 at US 80 on the north end and will terminate at I-20 on the south end. It will extend the existing Loop 390 around Marshall. Learn more about the middle section.

South section

This approximate four and a half mile section will be constructed on new location and be designed to meet interstate standards. As part of the US 59 relief route this proposed segment of the project will run south of Marshall from I-20 to US 59 to complete the southern portion of future I-369. Learn more about the south section.