US 59 - Harrison County
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US 59 - Harrison County

Project overview

The I-69 System (I-369) Harrison County/Marshall Route Study has, with substantial citizen and community participation, determined options for the development of I-369 in the Marshall area. The goal is to construct, designate and sign US 59 as I-369. The study included two broad options:

  • Upgrade existing US 59 through Marshall to an interstate highway (I-369), or
  • Construct I-369/US 59 at a new location and convert the existing US 59 through Marshall to Business 59

TxDOT completed the study in December 2014.

Final report

The I-69 System (I-369) Harrison County/Marshall Working Group was created to provide input and recommendations on the route study. The group, which met starting in February 2014, identified:

  • Goals for establishing I-369 in the Marshall area related to traffic safety, connectivity and community impacts
  • Potential interstate route options
  • A preliminary, recommended interstate route option to study as part of the environmental process

Public outreach

The working group met regularly to gather feedback from local citizens to learn about concerns and issues that may need to be addressed.


Working group

Next steps

  1. The working group made recommendations for further study as part of the environmental process.
  2. After completion of the environmental process and preliminary design, acquisition of right of way and final design can begin.
  3. Construction would most likely be phased, depending on funding.
  4. Each phase of project development is contingent upon availability of funding.