The purpose of the project is to upgrade U.S. 77 between Corpus Christi and Harlingen to meet interstate highway standards with the intent to improve safety and mobility.  The total project area is approximately 122 miles in length.

Current Conditions

U.S. 77 does not meet driver expectations. High speeds and current intersection conditions compromise safety. Accident rates are expected to rise with projected increase in traffic.

Proposed Improvements

The proposed project provides the following improvements:

  • A four-lane, divided highway
  • New overpasses, interchanges and frontage roads
  • Relief routes (possibly tolled)

Approximately 689 acres (249 acres in Kleberg County and 440 acres in Nueces County) of additional right of way would be required for the proposed improvements.

Project Information

Title Format
Public Hearing - Notice Public Hearing - Notice PDF
Public Hearing - Handout Public Hearing - Handout PDF
Public Hearing - Summary Report Public Hearing - Summary Report PDF
Public Hearing - Summary Appendices A - J Public Hearing - Summary Appendices A - J PDF
Public Hearing - Schematics Public Hearing - Schematics HTML
Environmental Assessment - Vol. 1 Environmental Assessment - Vol. 1 PDF
Environmental Assessment - Vol. 2 Environmental Assessment - Vol. 2 PDF
Environmental Assessment - Vol. 3 Environmental Assessment - Vol. 3 PDF
Environmental Assessment - Vol. 4 Environmental Assessment - Vol. 4 PDF
Environmental Assessment - Schematics Environmental Assessment - Schematics HTML
Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) PDF

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