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The TxDOT Bryan District is currently developing design concepts to improve the intersection of US 290/SH 36 in Brenham, Texas, Washington County. TxDOT is very early in the process, with only preliminary concepts developed. Concepts may be added or removed from further consideration and development. Specific alternatives have not been finalized. 


The US 290/SH 36 cloverleaf interchange is one of the busiest roadways in Washington County. It serves as an important local, regional and statewide roadway connection. The project would improve safety, reduce congestion, maintain connectivity and improve mobility.   

Project Goals

  • Improve safety
  • Reduce congestion
  • Statewide mobility and local mobility 
  • Maintain connectivity 
  • Provide continuous flow on US 290
  • Address needs by:
    • Adding travel lanes – maintain two lanes
    • Modernizing design
    • Providing ramp connections to local roads
  • Minimize impacts
  • Provide a long-term solution

Concepts Overview

The primary focus is to improve the cloverleaf interchange, but will also include proposed changes to US 290 on the west side and US 290 south to the railroad turn around. 

All concepts include:

  • Expanding US 290/SH 36 connection from one to two lanes 
  • Completing conversion to one-way frontage roads
  • Updating entrance and exit ramps to current standards
  • Accommodating bicyclists and pedestrians

Concept A: Diverging Diamond Interchange
March 21, 2019

  • Constructs a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) at the intersection of US 290 and SH 36
    • Eliminates need for left‐turning vehicles to cross paths of approaching vehicles by directing traffic to the opposite side of the road across the interchange
  • Constructs “Super Street” intersection design for US 290 and Westwood Lane
    • Improves safety by removing the straight-thru, left-turn conflicts at the intersection
  • Handles traffic efficiently
  • Includes traffic signals - within the DDI and intersection of Westwood Lane
  • Maintains the same connectivity; no changes to connectivity
  • Maintains similar "footprint" (alternative alignment) as the existing interchange and requires the least amount of right of way to construct (exact amount to be determined)

Concept B: Southern Direct Connect
March 21, 2019

  • Constructs a new roadway alignment south of the existing cloverleaf
  • Provides US 290 direct connection with continuous flow
  • Maintains connectivity, but changes (see layout)
  • Impacts businesses and landowners
  • Requires some right of way, but not as much as Concept C (exact amount to be determined)

Concept C: Split, Northern Connection
March 21, 2019

  • Constructs a new northern - westbound alignment that would bridge over the cloverleaf to the north and continue west
  • Creates a new southern - eastbound alignment south of the existing cloverleaf
  • Provides 290 direct connection
    • Continuous flow for the north comnect and direct exit for south connect
  • Connectivity maintained, but changes (see layout)
  • Impacts businesses and landowners
  • Requires the most right of way among all concepts (exact amount to be determined)

Next Steps

Public involvement will be an ongoing process and TxDOT welcomes the opportunity for the public to provide comments. Check back here for more project updates and opportunites to take an online survey in the future. Next steps:

  • Continue to receive comments and review feedback
  • Continue evaluating and refining concepts
  • Develop outreach plan and continue identifying stakeholders
  • Determine alternatives
  • Hold public meetings - dates to be determined
  • Select alternative and develop a preliminary design schematic
  • Conduct environmental studies on selected alternative
  • Tentative start of construction upon approval: 2025

Get Involved

  • Stakeholder Meeting Presentation to Brenham City Council - March 21, 2019


Contact Us

TxDOT Bryan District
Director of Transportation Planning and Development
2591 N. Earl Rudder Freeway
Bryan, TX 77803-5190

(979) 778-2165